Prof. David Green

Principal investigator

Professor of Historical Geography at King’s College London.

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Prof. Nicola Shelton


Professor of Population Health at University College London.

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Dr Kathleen McIlvenna


Lecturer in History at University of Derby.

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Dr Douglas Brown


Senior Lecturer in Geographic Information Systems and Human Geography at Kingston University.

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Dr Laura Newman

Research Associate

Department of Geography, King’s College London

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Dr Harry Smith

Research Associate

Department of Geography, Geology and the Environment,
Kingston University

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Natasha Preger

Ph D student

Department of Geography, King’s College London

Natasha Preger is joining the Addressing Health team to undertake a doctorate on the comparative aspects of health care and worker responses in white collar occupations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Natasha completed her BA in History at the University of Sheffield and her MA in History at the University of Manchester. Her previous research has centred on the process of knowledge change relating to the history of science and medicine. Prior to joining the Addressing Health team, she completed her MA Dissertation on Victorian psychiatry, with a focus on the medicalisation of Anorexia Nervosa in the 1870s and 1880s and how ideas of gender played into this. Going forwards, Natasha’s main research interests concern how medical progress in the nineteenth-century informed the workplace and the treatment and perception of workers. She is passionate about interdisciplinary research and how this can improve the accessibility of research to more general audiences.